The Social Network

On Life of Dad, anyone can join to connect with others about the adventure of fatherhood.  You can create a profile and use it to post pictures, thoughts and links, just like you would on any other kind of social network.  Use your Life of Dad profile to connect with other users around the world and share in conversations about anything you care about.


Do you want to talk about something that no one else is talking about on Life of Dad?  Any user on Life of Dad can create their own group of discussion.  You could create a group based around the New York Jets, Dads in Seattle, Funny Pictures, Nutrition, British Dads, Fishing, Teaching your Kid to Drive a Car, Game of Thrones or any other topic you want to talk about.  These groups are not private, so any other member of Life of Dad is welcome to join the discussion of your group.  And of course, we at Life of Dad can and will delete any group that does not prove to be a beacon of awesomeness for the site.


You can use your Life of Dad profile to write and publish a blog.  Your profile is already equipped with WordPress blogging tools that you can use to write and publish your blog to Life of Dad.  You are also welcomed and encouraged to share your Life of Dad hosted blog to anywhere else on the internet and beyond.  The blogging tools of your profile can only be utilized through the desktop version of Life of Dad.  You cannot access them on the app or the mobile version of the site.

Life of Dad Rule #1: Be Respectful to Everyone

Being respectful doesn’t mean that we all have to agree.  Disagreement is what makes a place like Life of Dad fun to visit, but every Life of Dad user must treat others with respect.  Do not bully or egg on conflict.  Do not argue for the sake of argument.  Do not troll threads or groups, writing comments to get people upset.  Do not bash anyone for being different than you or for thinking differently than you.  We will delete anyone’s account who does any of these things…and we’re busy people, so we’ll delete you quickly.

Life of Dad Rule #2: Do Not Post Inappropriate Pictures or Other Content

Life of Dad is about the experience of fatherhood, so naturally many users will be posting pictures of their kids.  That’s good of course, but we need some ground rules about that.  Do not post pictures of nudity, which includes pictures of your kid in the bathtub or something similar.  Even if it’s funny or cute, pictures like that are awkward and problematic.  Do not post pictures of kids who are not your kids.  Do not post any pictures or other content that is intended to ridicule someone.  Do not post anything vulgar.  If Life of Dad had a rating like a movie, it would PG or PG-13.  Keep your posts in that area of good taste.  Your profile will be deleted if you don’t follow these rules.

Life of Dad Rule #3: Do Not Spam or Promote Your Business

We want Life of Dad to be a great community where users can connect around the adventure of fatherhood.  Do not spam Life of Dad with content that is meant to promote something for personal gain.  Do not promote your business.  If you would like to enter an official promotional relationship with us, please email and we will work with you to help your product or endeavor gain a large amount of attention through our official channels.  Any user who spams on Life of Dad will be immediately deleted.

Banning Users and Reporting Bad Behavior

As a Life of Dad user, you can block any other user with whom you have a problem.  Simply click on their profile picture and click “Block User.”

We need your help reporting bad behavior on Life of Dad so that we can keep it the amazing community that it’s been designed to be. If you see anyone acting inappropriately on Life of Dad, email us at and we’ll check it out.

Terms & Conditions

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