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How do I start a blog on Life of Dad?

First, create a Life of Dad profile.  Then, on the desktop version of the site, go to the upper-right side of the website and click “Create Your Own Blog”  From there, give your blog a title and fill out the other information.  Then, write your blog with the tools provide.  One good way to go is to write your blog on a word processing program and then cut and paste it into your blog.

You might want to add a good picture with your blog, and then when it’s ready, publish it.  Published blogs go to the “Articles” section of Life of Dad where anyone can check it out.

Can I promote and share my blog to other places?

Absolutely.  Along with having your blog post shared to the Life of Dad community, you’re welcomed and encouraged to share it across the internet and anywhere else.

If I write a blog on the site, does Life of Dad own it?

No.  Your work is your own, and you own it 100%.

Will my work appear on the Life of Dad homepage?

Maybe, maybe not.  We share stuff to the homepage that we like or lots of people seem to like.  There’s a lot of content on the site, and we can only share a small fraction of it to the homepage.  But if you create stuff that sparks our interest, we’ll put it on the homepage.

How do I start a private journal on Life of Dad?

You set it up just as you would a blog, but simply select the private option.  You can use your private journal to keep track of your experiences in fatherhood.

If I already have a blog, can I re-post content from that blog on to Life of Dad?


Can I share the videos and other content I make on Life of Dad?


If I’m with a business or a brand, how do I advertise or promote on Life of Dad?

Whether you want to advertise of the site or tap into our extensive Life of Dad Influencer Network, Life of Dad can help you get attention to your message in a very effective way. We’ve successfully worked with many of the most well-known brands and businesses in the world, but we can scale our work to fit any business or brand, large or small.  Find out more information on our advertising page.

If I’m a blogger, video creator or other type of content creator, how do I become part of the Life of Dad Influencer Network?

By joining the Life of Dad Influencer Network, you make yourself available to take part in our brand promotional campaigns, which can get you paid.  If you’d like to join the Influencer Network, email and tell us about yourself and what you create.  Include the number of followers you have on any social media channels and include an example or two of your work.

If I do a podcast, how do I share it on Life of Dad?

If you have a podcast, we’d like to consider sharing it as part of the Life of Dad Podcast Network.  Email with a description of your podcast and links to a few episodes.